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Independent research and development and technical advantages

The same time as
First, international cooperation, independent research and development of a combination of research and development model

        Kibing Group established a technology research and development center in Dongshan, Fujian Province in 2009, introduced a number of domestic and foreign R & backbone. And with the world's leading supplier of chemicals and coating technology - the United States Akama company on-line coating technology introduction and cooperation with the British float glass consulting firm (FGC company) to carry out technical management and TCO proprietary technology transfer and other cooperation. The company developed the first domestic multi-coated flexible flexible online low-ejube coated glass production line and online TCO solar coated glass technology standards in the world are in a leading position, and has independent patented technology and follow-up development of innovative technology support.

Second, the leading domestic technology research and development team

        The company has a team of more than 500 engineering and technical team and technical research and development team, in the glass technology, online coating, furnace, tin tank, annealing process, cutting technology, public works, automatic control, laboratory analysis, environmental integration and other professional skills The strength of complete. In recent years also continue to obtain the glass industry online coating new technology, new product breakthrough. On-line CVD coating technology, online LOW-E energy-saving glass and TCO photovoltaic solar glass products in the production of a leading position in the company also innovative development of a complete ultra-white glass production technology and a variety of endothermic glass production technology. These new technologies, new products have a leading domestic and international advanced level, and some to fill the domestic blank.

Third, with excellent technical research and development facilities

        Kibing Group has the provincial engineering technology center of Fujian Province, equipped with raw material laboratory, coating film design and performance testing laboratory, glass product performance testing laboratory, fuel diversification test and test laboratory, thin film solar cell test and Test lab, glass formulation test and test lab. Various laboratories in the various tests and testing of advanced equipment and equipment to meet a variety of building energy-saving glass, solar glass test and test requirements, effectively advancing the development of new glass products and new technologies.


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