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Tinted Glass

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Product Features:

Can effectively absorb the solar radiation heat, resulting in "cold room effect" to achieve the effect of heat preservation;
Selective absorption of visible light, so that through the sun becomes soft, reduce the glass glare (reflected light), improve the indoor color;
Can absorb the sun more strongly, effectively prevent the ultraviolet light to make indoor items fade and deterioration;
With a certain degree of transparency, can clearly observe the outdoor scene;
Bright color, enduring, can increase the appearance of the building.

Application areas:

Building doors and windows, decorative wall decoration glass, art processing and other fields.

Specifications range:

Min: 2000mm × 1500mm
Max: 4880mm × 6000mm
According to customer needs to provide large variety of non-standard size.

Thickness range:

Emerald green: 3.6mm -6mm European gray: 3mm-12mm F green: 2.1mm-12mm
Crystal Gray: 5mm -12mm Ocean Blue: 4.6mm-10mm Ford Blue: 4.6mm-8mm Blue Gray: 4mm-12mm

Product Standards:

Enterprise internal control quality standard (KB-PB-NKBZ-2017-A / 0), higher than GB11614-2009 standard.


Tinted Glass performance parameters

Note: The above data is based on the United States LBNL Windows5.2 glass performance calculation system calculation, for reference only. 

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