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Glass for Solar Cell Module

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Product description:

The glass products are mainly used as thin film solar cell packaging glass, through the EVA film and thin film solar cell chip laminated plastic, the battery pack can provide the best strength and weather resistance.
According to customer technical requirements to provide different sizes, different processing requirements of the model products.

Product Features:

The glass drilling, grinding with a special process processing, a significant reduction in glass edge defects;
Strictly control the flatness of the glass after the steel, which greatly improve the customer follow-up processing rate.

Application areas:

Thin-film solar cell components with glass for backlit glass, solar panels for photoelectric building integration.

Specifications range:

1245mm × 635mm, 1100mm × 1300mm, 1100mm × 1400mm and other specifications, according to customer needs to provide a variety of standards, non-standard size

Thickness range:


Product Standards:

Can be customized according to the enterprise internal control standards


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