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Online sunlight control coated glass

Performance >

product description:

(Also known as heat-reflective glass), the product is in the tin tank using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coating process in the high-quality float glass surface coated with one or more layers of metal compound film, the main function of the film is The proportion of the need to control the direct radiation of the sun reflection, through and absorption, and produce the required reflection color and high performance insulation effect, is the ideal building decoration materials, widely used in architectural glass curtain wall.

Product Features:

Effectively limit the amount of solar radiation incident, shade effect is obvious, good insulation performance;
Colorful reflection hue and excellent decorative effect;
The ideal visible light through the ratio and reflectivity, weaken the transmission of ultraviolet light;
Hard film, hard layer and glass as a whole;
Stable performance, long storage time;
Easy processing, easy to handle, easy to store (cutting, sandwich, steel, silk screen), can be used monolithic;
Do hollow glass, no special treatment.

Application areas:

Products are mainly used in building doors and windows, external walls decoration, high-performance insulating glass and other fields.

Specifications range:

The maximum plate width 3660mm, the board can be based on customer needs to provide all kinds of conventional, special size.

Thickness range:


Product Standards:

GB/T 18915.1-2002;Q/QBBL 003-2011 

Product Standards:

Q/QBBL 003-2011


Online sunlight control coated glass Performance parameters

Note: The above data is based on the United States LBNL Windows5.2 glass performance calculation system calculation, for reference only. 

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