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Ceramic Frit Glass

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Product Description:

Ceramic frit glass is made of inorganic chromatography silk screening (or roller) to print images on glass’ surface, after drying and heat treatment process, ceramic printed image will permanently stay on the glass surface. Ceramic frit glass are rich with colorization, color stabilization and stunning appearance, customizable images, have incredible shading properties and great thermal control, ceramic frit glass has been widely use on architecture decorations.

Product Features:

Rich with colorization, various patterns (customizable design), color stabilization, stunning decorative effect.
Absorb and reflects solar thermal energy, great shading properties.
Great visual shading effect, provide great privacy to working and living environments.
Under go heat toughen process, greatly increase level of safety.
Ceramic can be coated, laminated, double glazed or any other process, offering multiple usability.


Max size: silk screen: 2200mmx4500mm 
Min size: 300mmx300mm



Quality Standard:

Conforming to ASTM1048
Conforming to Q/12W4650-2008
Conforming to JC/T1006-2006 
Conforming to Q/SNB002


Fritted glass is all been heat-treated, thus it can no longer be cut to any shape or undergo any edging work.
Ceramic frit screen are printed on one surface of the glass, when the glass panel is used on external of the building, the printed surface shall face inward of the building.
A fully ceramic printed glass is not suitable to be installed as vision panel on a building fa?ade, for products that require transmittance, communications with sales team and technical are necessary. 


Ceramic Frit Screen Colors

Kibing has developed its’screen printing technology according to buildings’ aesthetic trend, classical and unique colors are well-chosen, compound with international RAL color code card, offering best visual effect to customers and clearer direction in color selection.

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