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Malaysia Kibing Energy Saving Glass Co., Ltd

         The subsidiary corporation of Kibing Group, located at Negeri Sembilan Malaysia, next to Kibing’s float glass plant park. The company estimated to fully operate in February 2018, taking up to 70,000 square meters, with 600 employees in total, which currently offers the customers with world’s most advanced technologies, highest automation level, graded products as well as top notch product managements. Our leading products are world’s most advanced Triple-silver, low radiation LOW-E glass, Double-Silver, Single-Silver, thin coated glass with low radiation, heat reflective coating glass, central hollow glass, interlayer glass, pattern interlayer glass, glaze glass, Laminated bend glass, Heat Strengthened curve tempered glass, fully-tempered glass, and all the composite glass products consisted by the glass kind above. These products are mainly applicable for external curtain walling systems of high grade buildings, interior fixture and civilian using doors and windows.

Malaysia kibing Energy Saving Glass Co., Ltd.
Address:Lot 635 & 660 Kawasan Perindustrian Tuanku Jaafar 71450 Sungai Gadut, Seremban,Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus.Malaysia  
Fax:+65 6016278


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